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buber.net > Basque > Surname > G > Gainza
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GAINZA There is a small village named Gainza in the basque province of Gipuzkoa, and other small village in the Northwest of Navarre (near the border of Gipuzkoa), both villages are not far one for another, the basque names of tem are GAINTZA.

House in gainza Gipuzkoa with branches in Irun, 3 houses in Itziar (Deba), Tolosa (all in Gipuzkoa). House in Zeanuri (Bizkaia). Other house in Gainza (Araiz) in Nabarra, with branches in Villafranca, Villanueva del valle, Irunea-Pamplona, and Ollo (In Navarre).

Meaning: Place with a lot of mountains. GAIN means in basque :Over, but also the higher part of a mountain, the sufix ZA or TZA means abundance.

Coat of arms: The house of Gainza in Gipuzkoa: Partido, 1. en sinople un castillo de oro. 2.- En oro, un roble de sinople y un lobo de sable pasante al pie del tronco.

The houses of Itziar and Zeanuri have their own coats.

The Gainzas of Navarre: Tres cuarteles: 1.- tres conchas. 2.- Dos bandas o barras. 3.- una media luna.

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