GANGOITI This is not a common surname, and is tipical from Bizkaia, the problem is that there is not any house or farm with this name (there is a house in Mungia named Ango Gangoiti, but it was built between 1745 and 1796, the owner was Juan Gangoiti). The fact that there is not any house with this name make possible that this surname is a variation of other, some authors believe that is a variation of Angoitia, I think that can be Ojangoiti too, other possibility is that the house Gangoiti existed before the XVIII, but dissapeared or changed it's name)

Meaning: GAN: means Highland or summle, or pinacle, GOITI: means "the upper part", so the meaning of Gangoiti can be: In the upper part of the Highland, or something simmilar

Coat of arms: En azur, un lambel de oro, puesto en jefe; en punta una flor de lis de plata

jefe: upper part of the coat, punta: down part of the coat

LAMBEL: is an heraldic figure (I don't know the translation) that shows that the first owner of the coat was not the "primogenito" or first-born of his family.

Jaime Kerexeta says that the origin of this surname is Lezama (Bizkaia), but in Lezama there is not Gangoiti farm (there is Ojangoiti)

There are Gangoiti families in Bizkaia in: Bakio, Bermeo, Bilbao, Busturia, Elantxobe, Plencia, Gernika, Gorliz, Larrabezua, Lezama, Mungia. Jon Gangoiti was member of the European Parliament, and now is senator in the Spanish Senate (elected from Bizkaia)

Hector Gangoiti writes from Guadalajara, Mexico that there are Gangoiti there as well, in Guadalajara, Tepic, and Mexico City.