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buber.net > Basque > Surname > G > Goitiz
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The surname GOITIZ originates in Mundaka and in Busturia, Vizcaya.

It is a derrivitive of the surname GOITI which means "place above" or "an elevated place" with the suffix "itz", or "iz" which mean abundant.

This name is found in Bilbao in 1742. Iban or Ivan; mariner from Mundaka who was part of an expedition to Holy Land with the nabarros at the order of their king, Teobaldo.

The coat of arms is as follows: On a field of red, three golden fluer de lis, one over another (in a vertical line) and interposed with them, four silver "bezantes" (this is a circular ornament used in heraldry) placed two and two. This means that there is a fluer de lis, then two of the ornaments, then a fluer de lis, then two more ornaments and then the last fluer de lis. Under these elements are blue and silver "waves" of water (stripes to simulate waves). Above the aforementioned elements are three "aspas" (ornaments that look like an "x") of gold placed in a horizontal line.

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