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buber.net > Basque > Surname > I > Ibarran
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IBARRAN, this surname exist, but in Ibarrangelua there is a farm, or house named IBARRARAN, so I think this is the real surname and IBARRAN is a variation of it, because there is not any farm with this name. In basque is very common to shorten the names.

IBARRA: means bank, shore, riverside, and ARAN, means Valey, is very curious because both names has a very simmilar meaning. so the meaning is "(the house in) The plain Riverside. In the case that IBARRAN were diferent than Ibarraran, the sufix An means In

Coat of Arms of IBARRAN: En Azur, unas pe=F1as de oro y sobre ellas una torr= e del mismo metal

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