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buber.net > Basque > Surname > I > Irigoyen (irigoien)
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Irigoyen (irigoien)

IRIGOYEN (IRIGOIEN) The meaning is IRI :Town or group of houses, and GOIEN: in the high part, so the complete meaning is: (the house) in the higher part of the Town. In the north part of our country was not very normal the groups of houses so IRI or URI means today city or Town, but in the past was simply a group of houses.

There are Irigoien families in many places, but I am only to speak here about the Irigoien families of Navarra .

In Ainoa (Urdax) with branches in Donibane-Garazi (benavarra), Sara, and Ustariz (Laburdi), Argentina and Peru.

In Etxalar, with branches in Chili

In the quarter of Zuazoi (Azpilikueta) with branches in Azpilikueta (Baztan) end Buenos Aires.

In Errazu, with branch in Urdax

In Lerkaroz (Baztan), Zubieta, and Zalba (Ariasgoiti)

Also in Bizkaia, and Gipuzkoa.

Coat of Arms of the House of azpilikueta: The same coat of the Baztan valey: Ajedrezado de plata y sable.

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