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buber.net > Basque > Surname > I > Irisarri
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IRISARRI the usual form of this surname is IRISARRI, but there are many variations: IRISARRY, IRISSARY, IRRISARRI, IRRISARRY, IRIZARRI, YRIZARI etc..

The meaning of this surname is: IRI means group of houses, or town, and SARRI means thickset (refered to trees,forest, thickets etc..) or Thick forest. So the meaning is something like, The group of houses near the thickset.

The way you (the original requestor) write your surname is typical in branches of this family in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina (there are also in the Basque Country).

The origin of this surname is a house in Ianzy or Yanzi, in Navarra, with houses derived from this in Villatuerta, and Azketa (both in Navarre). But there is another very old house with this name in IHOLDI in Baxe-Navarre, in the French Basque Country; this name of this house is documented since 1352, but it could also be the house IRIZURI mentioned in documents of 1186; I believe that this one is the real origin of the surname.

There are branches of this family in the whole Basque Country (Spanish and French), and of course in Spain, France and America (Terranova included).

There are a lot of coats of arms of this surname depending on the branch. The coat of the Branche IRIZARRI (the only branch with Z) is: En sinople dos torres de oro puestas en faja. This Z branch exists (or existed) in Bizkaia, Colombia, Argentina, Navarre, Mexico and Terre Neuve

There is also a coat of the branche of Chili.

Aida L. Irizarry writes Irizarry is also found in San German, Puerto Rico, where a branch of the family settled in 1819. I would love you to add this piece of the missing puzzle to your page. I'm very proud of this name and of my ancestors who carried it to our shores.

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