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buber.net > Basque > Surname > I > Iturbide
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This surname is found en the Zozaja (Oronoz, with a line in Muskaria-Tudela; also in Garzain, and Arano (valley or Basaburua) [all of these in Navarra]. It also has origins in Busunariz (Benabarra) and Sara (Laburdi). One branch went to Mexico. And, obviously, from your request, part of the family is found in Canada.

The name means "Camino de la fuente" (way or road of the fountain). From the Basque "iturri, itur" (fountain) and "bide" (road).

Since you do not, yet, know the origin of your particular family I will cite here just the coat of arms for those of the house of Oronoz which is: a shield covered with a checker-board pattern of squares alternating in silver and black.

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