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buber.net > Basque > Surname > I > Iturraspe
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ITURRASPE The house Iturraspe or Iturrazpe, is located in a small village named MENDEXA in the North west of the Basque province of Bizkaia, there is only one house with this name in the whole Country, so the origin of the surname is clear. Basque families toke their houses's name as surname.

MEANING: ITURRI means fountain or Flowing or spring, AZPIAN means under, so Iturrazpe can be: (the house) under the spring. Other authors think that can be ITURROSPE or ITURROZPE: in this case is Under the cold spring

There were braches of this family in Lekeitio and in the Durango Area (in Bizkaia) . There were a branche in Bilbao since 1659

The Coat of the Mendexa's Iturraspe: En oro un arbol de sinople, y dos jabalies de sable atravesados al tronco y andantes.

The Lekeitio's branche have a different coat, but is very simmilar to the other.

An alternative spelling is Yturraspe.

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