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buber.net > Basque > Surname > I > Izaurralde
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IZAURRALDE Izaurralde is a very rare surname. In the Diccionario Onomastico de J. Kerexeta (Tome III pg 180) it says:

    Izaurralde: In Chile and Argentina, variation of Insaurralde, Isaurralde, the variation Isaurraldi also exists in Uruguay.

INSAURRALDE or INZAURRALDE: In Gipuzkoa, in means next to the place of nut trees or it could also be place of nut trees. In the first case Alde would be "to the side of" (modern Euskara) and in the second Alde would be "conjunto de". Nut is Intxaur in Euskara (the nut=intxaurra).

There are no caserios with this name in Gipuzkoa, the most similar is the caserio Inchualde Onezkoa, in a town called Orendain. There are caserios Inchaurralde in Zeanuri and Abadiano (Bizkaia).

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