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buber.net > Basque > Surname > L > Labadie
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LABADIE Although is a basque surname, that means "The Abbey", the word has a lathin origin, in spanish Abbey is ABADIA, and in French ABBAYE, but in basque priest is ABADEA, so this word was incorporated to the basque language long time ago. The variations of this surname are: ABADIE in Zuberoa, ABADIA: in Nabarra and the North part of the Province of Huesca (this part was basque in the past), LABADIA in Navarra and Huesca, and LABADIE in BeheNavarre (French Basque Country), but also in Navarre and Huesca, there are also families with this surname in Gascogne.

This surname is more usual in the French Basque Country than in the Southern, so I suposse that your family comes from the Province of Behenafarroa or Basse Navarre.

In any case is not very normal to find Abbeys in our country, and I have told you that Abadea or also Abadie is priest, so the meaning can be also "The house of the priest".

Some authors think that the form Labadie is a gasconized form, because of the initial L, that is the article, and in basque the article is the final A or E of the words, Ex: Etxe is house, Etxea is The house. so the L shows that the surname was probably in the origin L'Abadie.

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