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buber.net > Basque > Surname > L > Lauzirika
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LAUZIRIKA (writed with basque ortography) This surname is tippical from Bizkaia, and more concretely in the villages of Ugao-Miravalles, Arrankudiaga and Zeberio (They are very close one to another). But looking up in other books there is not any farm with this name in these villages. There is another surname LAUZURIKA that comes from Navarre, and I have found a farm with the name LAZURIKA in Xemein (Bizkaia). I think that all the basque surnames are names of farms or houses, so can be that the origin was this farm in Xemein (I have not information about the house Lauzurika in Navarre).

The meaning: Nobody knows exactly what means, there is a lot of discussions about what the sufix IKA means. Luis Mitxelena thougt that perhaps the LAU of the begining means Four, but he recognized that he wasn,t sure, there are other authors (without credibility) that says that the meaning is Blackberry place.

Proves of Nobility: In Bilbao in 1796 and 1806 (to prove that were only necessary to prove that they were basques).

There are 2 Coat of arms (if you are interested in them, I can transcribe them in spanish, because I dont know to translate Heraldic terms)


The fact of Bermeo is not Useful, because there are two coats,but there is not mention about the origin of them, so I will transcribe both, and you can take the one that you prefer ( I prefer the 1st).

1st. En azur, cuatro fajas de plata. Bordura de oro con ocho cabezas de lobo, de sable y degolladas

2nd. Cortado y encajado: 1=BA en gules dos veneras de oro puestas en faja 2= =BA

Un lobo de sable, andante y lampasado en gules.

About the meaning: I have read other books and is not clear the meaning, but there are some possiblities

LAUZ-IRI-IKA: The slope of the four farms.

One of the places with more Lauzirikas is the zone of Bermeo (Bermeo,Bakio,Busturia, Ea, Elantxobe, Genika......)

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