LERTXUNDI Lertxun is the name of a tree, I don't know it's english name, in spanish is TIEMBLO and it's scientific name is "populus tremula", it belongs to the same family of the "white Poplar". DI is a sufix that means Group of

The origin of this surname is located in Gipuzkoa, there are houses with this name in: Usurbil (2), Aia (3),Azkoitia, Azpeitia, Donostia, Orio, Zarauz,

The house of Donostia derivates from the houses of Aia. Joanes Lertxundi lived in Donostia (born in Aia) in 1566, and Baltasar (born in Aia), lived in Donostia in the same year. In 1462 the villages of Deba and Elgoibar named to Martin Ibanez de Lertxundi, as referer to solve problems between the villages.

There are branches in the whole Basque country (Elorrio Bizkaia, 1680). there was a Knight of Alcantara surnamed Lertxundi (born in Ernani).

Coat of Arms of the houses of Aia and Zarauz: En plata una faja jaquelada en dos ordenes de azur y oro, acompanada en lo alto de dos jabalies de sable afrontados (otros ponen los jabalies uno sobre la faja y otro debajo).

There are two more coats