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buber.net > Basque > Surname > L > Licona
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According to Mitxelena's _Apellidos vascos_, `Licona', which has a variant `Licaona', is a western Basque surname. It is one of a group of rather mysterious surnames all ending in <-ona> and all containing first elements of unknown origin. The <-ona> here does *not* appear to be the obvious `good', and Mitxelena believes it to be the same ending found in western place names, in which it becomes <-oa> in popular Basque speech: Lejona / Leioa, Lemona / Lemoa, and so on. Mitxelena declares that the first elements in all these names are neither Basque nor Latin; quite possibly they come from some other Indo-European language, but we have no information.

In `Licona', given the variant `Licaona', the first element might be any of , , or , but no such word is known in any language.

Larry Trask COGS University of Sussex Brighton BN1 9QH England

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