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buber.net > Basque > Surname > M > Maytorena (maitorena)
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Maytorena (maitorena)

MAYTORENA (MAITORENA) Jaime Kerexeta in his Diccionario Onomastico Y Haraldico Vasco, locate this surname in Uruguay ,as a variation of a basque surname that can be Maritorena or Maitiarena.

the sufix ENA means "The House of", and is like the genitive saxon, the first element of the surname is the name of a person. Oyhanburu thinks that the original surname is Maizkorena, giving to Maizko the same sense than Kerexeta, the name of a parson.

Probably the name origin means "The house of Little Mary" MAI is a contraction of MARI, and TO is a diminutive. Can also be "The house of Little Mario"

In the Basque Country are Maritorena s in Nabarra. Maitorena in Uruguay Maytorena in Mexico

There are very few information about this surname, If you make your genealog tree, please let me know what do you find.

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