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buber.net > Basque > Surname > M > Medrano
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MEDRANO The origin of this surname is located in Navarre: Lukin, Puente de la reina, and Tudela. There were Medrano houses in Araba: Orenin,Elciego, and Etura, branches in On~ate (Gipuzkoa), Muskes and Dima (Bizkaia)......there are Medrano families in many parts of Spain.

In the books that I have consulted there is nothing about the meaning, I suposse that is not a basque surname (linguisticaly) but a lathin one, the ANO sufix comes from the lathin one ANUS, and means something simmilar to the saxon genitive ('s), The first part of the surname probably comes from a name like MEDARA or something simmilar, that gives MEDARANO-MEDRANO, with the mening of Medara's place. Well, that is my own oppinion, because in the books about basque surnames it doesn't appear

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