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MUGERZA (Muguerza): In Bizkaia, there is a house (Caserio) MugArza, but no Mugerza, all the Mugerza houses are in Gipuzkoa. One in Bergara, in Eibar, in Zaldibia and in Elgiobar (neigborhood of san Miguel) Martin Mugerza lived in Segura in 1612, Diego Mugerza in Motriko in 1641, Miguel Muguerza in Berastegi 1666, Pedro Mugerza in Zumaia in 1710. Juan Mugerza (sailor) lived in Donostia and transported King Enrique IV there in a boat property of Juanot Goyaz in 1457. There is a reference to a Mugarza in Nabarra in 1323, other reference to other Mugerza in Tolosa in 1346. and other in Aramaiona (Araba) in 1687

Meaning: there are two posibilities, most authors defend that Mugar, or Muger means silex, there are other authors that think that MUGAR or MUGER is a contraction of Mugarri, that is the stone that marks property limits, or borders, the suffix ZA or TZA means abundance

Coat: (Houses of Bergara and Elgoibar): En oro, diez panelas de sinople puestas 3,3,3, y 1 (Over gold, ten green poplar leaves arranged 3, 3, 3 and 1).

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