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buber.net > Basque > Surname > N > Navascues
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NAVASCUES Jaime Kerexeta in his Diccionario Onomastico y Heraldico Vasco says: In Nabaskoitze-Navascues and in Cintruenigo (Nabarra). As you say the origin of the surname is probably in the place named Nabascues (In basque Nabaskoize), in the Northeast of Nabarra, and then a branche went to Cintruenigo in the South.

Variations: Nabascose,Nabascuez,Nabasques (the last with two ponts over the u, so there must be read Nabascues), Navarscues

The branche you speak about must be a branche from the one of Cintruenigo. Meaning: NABA means, plain land close to mountains, and the second element CUES can be KOIZ, with the meaning of High land, so the meaning of Nabascues can be "Plain in the Highland".

There are families with this surname in many places of the Basque country and also outside. In Gipuzkoa, in: Donostia-San Sebastian, Renteria, Irun, Hernani, Tolosa, Zarauz,. In Nabarra: in many villages (south and north)

Proves of nobility: Knight of Santiago in 1698 and 1751

The Clan Navascues were relatives of the important clan Beaumont

Coat of arms: There is a legal document dated in 1695, that describes the coat of arms of the Navascues of navascues and Cintruenigo (this shows that they are the same clan cause they have the same coat): Cuartelado; 1=BA en Azur una cruz de oro 2=BA en gules dos castillos de oro, aclarados y mazonados de sable y puestos uno sobre otro 3=BA En azur cinco muelas de oro puestas en aspa 4=BA en plata tres calderas de sable puestas en triangulo mayor. (there are other coats but this is the older and original)

Penny Mercer is interested in this family and would like to get in contact with anyone else also interested. Her address is:

Penny Mercer
15 Gellibrand Street
Kew Victoria 3101

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