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Oria is pronounced with the accent on the i. The surname Oria does not mean yellow (horia = yellow). Rather, it seems to derive from uria (population or city) according to Mitxelena. Other authors believe that it could derive from oro (oats) or ur (water).

History and Locality
Oria seems to have originated in Idiazabal, with branches in Zerain, Legazpia, Legorreta, Ikorra, Segura, and Aia, all in Gipuzkoa. A branch of those in Zerain moved to Zalduendo, Valle de Aiala, Araba. According to the author Juan C. Guerra it is a ancient lineage. Lope Garcia de Oria was Senor of Arriaran in 1309.

Coat of Arms
There are various. The oldest of them is: En oro, un arbol de sinople y un jabali de su color natural, atravesando al tronco; en punta, ondas de agua de azur y plata.

Salvador Orķa sent the following image of the Oria coat of arms:

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