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buber.net > Basque > Surname > O > Ospital
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OSPITAL I don,t know many things about this surname, the meaning is hostelry or inn, and is tipical of the three regions of the North Basque Country (Laburdi, Benafarroa, Zuberoa). In the middle age, the hostelries was called Ospital or Ospitaletxe, and there were a lot because of the "Way of Santiago"

Information about my family..

My Grandfather Jean Ospital was born in Biagorri, France in the farmhouse "OXOBIA" as were his brothers Charles, John and Jacque and his sister Marie. The children were born in the late Eighteen Hundreds. Their father was Pierre Ospital and mother Ramona Urrutie. The children moved to Central California. They all remained here except Charles who married, had a daughter and eventually moved back to Biagorri to help with the farm. During WWI, I believe that Charles enlisted in the French Army.

While working on the family Genealogy, I discovered Ospitals in Utah, Southern and Central California and in the Bay area, most are not connected to my family.

A gentleman in France named Olivier Ospital whom I met through the Internet, sent his father Aliain to Biagorri. Aliain took photos of the farmhouse "OXOBIA". Went to the local parish and made a copy of my Grandfather's birth certificate and sent me a tourist video of a festival in Biagorri.

I'm told that the farmhouse is occupied by the daughter of Charles Ospital and her son a famous Basque folk-singer Martikorenas or his name maybe Peio Ospital..(not sure)..

I hope some of this is valuable.

Barclay Ospital


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