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buber.net > Basque > Surname > O > Oyangurengoitia
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OYANGURENGOITIA or OJANGURENGOITIA, the J is pronounced in Bizkaia as the spanish Y, Well I cannot find any house or farm with this name (Basque surnames are names of Houses or farms), I have found OJANGUREN, and OJANGOITIA, but I have found that in Elorrio are two houses named Upper Oianguren, and Downer Oianguren, and GOITIA means Upper, so the solution can be that, but in Gipuzkoa there are a House named OYanguren Garaikoa in Azkoitia, and other house named Oyanguren Goikoa, Garaikoa and Goitia means more or less the same than Goitia. Other possibility can be that Oyanguren was a surname and Goitia other (both exists as surnames). In the past were usual that if a man surnamed Oyanguren, married with a woman surnamed Goitia, and they lived in the Farm Goitia, they aded thye name of the farm to the surname, so the meaning would be "The Oyanguren family of the Goitia House". In any case Oyangurengoitia though is a pretty nice basque surname doesn't appear in the books so I think is a composed surname

OYANGUREN, OXANGUREN, OJANGUREN (variations of the same word) After read some books I have found that In Bizkaia are farms with the name Ojanguren, and in Gipuzkoa with the name Oyanguren

Baserriak orFrams in Gipuzkoa: In Elgeta I think this is the Older, In Bergara,Azkoitia, Irun and Zumaia

Ojanguren in Bizkaia: Two farms in Lezama with this name, there are others but are not very old so is not the name of the house, but the one of the first owner, they are in Elorrio, Basauri and Galdakao.

Meaning: In the high part of the forest; OIAN: Forest ,GUREN: high part of a land

Proves of Nobility: There are a lot of them in many villages, In 1346 is documented a man with this surname living in Tolosa, In 1477 J. Oyanguren lived in Zumarraga, another Oyanguren in Urretxu in 1580, Donostia 1489.......

Proves of Ojanguren: Elorrio (1575,1708),Bilbao (1765),..........

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