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buber.net > Basque > Surname > P > Pagoaga
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This surname originated en Eibar y en Mendaro, Guipuzcoa.

The meaning comes from pago (a beechnut tree) and the suffix meaning place or place of the beechnut trees.

The coat of arms for the area of Motrico (which you mentioned) is "mantelado" which means it is divided into three sections. The sections are nearly triangular with the first and third portions inverted and the second section having its base across the bottom of the shield and its point between the other two sections. The first portion (far left) is a field of blue upon which lies a golden cross. The second section is a field of silver with four horizontal red stripes across it. The third (far right) is a field of green with a hill of natural color upon which sits a stone castle.

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