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buber.net > Basque > Surname > R > Rioseco
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RIOSECOIn the books I have about surnames, names of farms and so on, I cannot Find anything about this surname, but let's go to look up in a Spanish Atlas about places named Rioseco:

Rioseco (Calvos de Randin), In the Province of Orense, close to the border with Portugal

Rioseco (Guriezo), in the Province of Santander, very close to the Border with Bizkaia

Rioseco (Karranza), in Bizkaia (but in the census of the XVIII there is not any man with this surname)

Rioseco (Rionansa), Province of Santander (In the west)

Rioseco ( Santiurde de Reinosa), (center south),

Rioseco (Siero), In Asturias, (near Gijon)

Rioseco (Valle de Manzanedo), province of Burgos (in The North, close to Villarcayo)

Rioseco Alto, Province of Malaga, near to Motril

Rioseco de Soria, in Soria, near Burgo de Osma

Rioseco de Tapia, In Leon, close to Leon

Telephon Guide of Bilbao....There are 4 Rioseco In Gasteiz and Donostia There arn't Riosecos

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