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buber.net > Basque > Surname > S > Salaberri
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SALABERRI (writen in the Basque ortography): The origin of this surname is in Salaberri (in Navarre, near or in the Baztan Valley), but there is an important branch in Bussunaritz (Benafarra, in the French Basque Country). It is related to the Irunberri "lineage" (1400), and Etxebarne de Bustize. There several documents proving nobility (of course, all Basques are nobles). A Salaberri was a knight of Alcantara, and another Salaberri was a knight of Carlos III. There were Salaberris in the battle of "Las Navas de Tolosa" against the Muslims (1212)

Coat of arms: There are a lot of coats for this surname. The coat of arms for the original House of Salaberri is: A silver field with 5 red "panelas"in an "X".

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