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buber.net > Basque > Surname > S > Sarasqueta (sarasketa)
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Sarasqueta (sarasketa)

SARASQUETA (SARASKETA) I have see in a book that the origin of this surname is in Behenafarroa (French Navarra), in a village named ZIZE or Cissa, and then a branche of the family went to Anzuaola, in Gipuzkoa in 1625.

there are (or there were) families with this surname in: ARABA: Aramaiona (1801), Gasteiz, BEHENAVARRA: Garazi, BIZKAIA: Bilbao 1779, Durango, Markina. GIPUZKOA: Andoain,Anzuola 1625), Deba, Donostia, Eibar 1625, Elgoibar, Motriko, Soraluze 1700. LABURDI: Sara.....also in Buenos Aires

Meaning: SARATS: means willow tree, and KETA, in toponims means place, so the meaning is (The house inthe) Willow tree place

Coat of arms: En gules, un agila de real de plata. Bordura angrelada de plat= a,

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