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buber.net > Basque > Surname > S > Sarasua
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SARASUA There are houses or farms with this name in St.Andres de Etxebarria, Amorebieta and Xemein in Bizkaia, and also in Motriko (Gipuzkoa), so the origin of your surname is one of these houses.

MEANING: The original word is SARATSUA :Willow trees place Coat of Arms: cortado 1=BA en gules, una torre de plata, 2=BA en azur cuatro fajas de oro (there are other coat but I think this is the older).

I have look up in the census of Mundaka of 1796 (Owner's census), and there is not any Sarasua. There has been always relations between Mundaka and Motriko, because both are fishermen and sailors towns, perhaps your ancestors arrived to Mundaka from Motriko. I think that the older house Sarasua is the one in St. Andres de Etxebarria in Bizkaia

Places with Families Sarasua: ARABA: Gasteiz, Laudio. BIZKAIA: Durango, Ermua, Lekeitio, Abadiano, Berango, Markina, Mundaka, Ondarroa, Sestao, Sopelana Zorroza, GiIPUZKOA: Aretxabaleta, Asteasu, Azpeitia, Donostia, Eibar, Elgoibar, Renteria, Irun , Lasarte, Lezo, Mendaro, Mutriku, Orio, Pasai, Usurbil, Zumaia. S.AMERICA: Buenos Aires, Montevideo.

An addendum to the surname "Sarasua".

There are 3 additional spellings of the name that are found in church records because the "S" and "Z" are interchangeable. They are "Sarazua. Zarasua, and Zarazua".

Some of the Sarasua\222s migrated to Mexico in the 1650\222s and settled in 3 cities Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Lagos de Moreno. In all of these cities a person can trace the families to the current times. My grandfather and his brother, from Lagos de Moreno, migrated to the USA in 1907. Through the local Family History Center of the Mormon church I have obtained original documents as well as computer generated information which has allowed me to trace my family back to the 1750\222s. I have personally downloaded all occurrences of the name both in Mexico and in Spain and am involved in a massive family research project. I would welcome any inquiries. I can be reached at "john@sarazua.com" or "vntgoak@cyberis.net".

Thanks, John Sarazua

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