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buber.net > Basque > Surname > U > Ureta
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URETA There are houses and farms with this name in the four provinces of the Basque Country, but as Inzunza or Insunza cames from Bizkaia, I am going to suposse that the Uretas came from Bizkaia. There are Frams with this name in a village named LEMONA, and also a Hose-Mill with this name in BERMEO, there are also a family with this surname in Gordexola, and we know that this last was relationed with the Ureta family in Navarra. and finally there are families with this surname in a lot of Villages of Bizkaia

Meaning: UR means water, and ETA is a sufix that in toponims means place, the element UR can be here stream or brook, so the meaning is: (The house of the) water place, or (the house of the) stream place

There are (or there were) families with this surname in Spain (Burgos), Mexico, Peru and Argentina

Coat of arms: there are 4 or 5 different coats

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