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buber.net > Basque > Surname > U > Urioste
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URIOSTE the meaning is "in the back part of the Town", URI:Town, OSTE: Back part or behind. The origin of this Surname is a place named Urioste, I think that today the quarter of Urioste belongs to a municipality named Ortuella, and is very close to other two municipalities, Santurze and Trapagaran.All this villages are in Bizkaia, and are included in today,s Great Bilbao, but I think they are rural.

The only way to know your family history is to research your genealogical tree. The best way for you is to go to a Mormon Church with famly research center (they have microfilms of birth records (catholic recs. included) of all the world), begin with your father,s record and then go back and back. In 1782 a man with this name born in Santurze lived in La Corun~a (Galicia,Spain), There is documentation about proves of Nobility of people with this surname in 1782 and 1627, this proves that there were families with this surname out of Basque Country, and proving they were basques, they were considereded as nobles (this gaves a lot of privileges to them) There are 4 coats of arms of Urioste, but I dont belive in these things

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