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buber.net > Basque > Surname > U > Urrizola
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URRIZOLA This surname was originated in a village of Navarra named Urrizola, that belongs to the municipality of Ulzama. The original house is called also "Solibarena". There are known branches in Pamplona-Irunea(1635), and Argentina. There has been also branches in: Burlada, Orkoien, Zizur, and Aizoain (Navarra)

Meaning: URRIZ: means Hazelnut tree, and OLA means, cottege, but also means ironworks or foundry. So the meaning is: The Foundry (house) in the hazelnut tree place, or the cottage in the....

Proves of Nobility: In the Courts of Navarra in 1635,1643,1644

Coat of arms:En plata, un roble de sinople y un lobo de sable, empinado al tronco, el jefe de oro con tres panelas de gules. Bordura de azur con ocho bezantes de oro. There is another coat but I think this is older

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