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buber.net > Basque > Surname > U > Urruzuno
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URRUZUNO The origin of this surname is a House with this name in Azpeitia, and then other house derivated from this in Elgoibar(both Gipuzkoa). A branche passed to Bizkaia. Was documented since 1392 Proves of Nobility: Azpeitia 1772, Elgoibar 1804 (he was Royal "escribano"), Elorrio in Bizkaia in 1707.

Meaning: Hazelnut Place

Today most of families Urruzunos are in Bizkaia: Elorrio, Markina, Gernika, Ondarroa, In Gipuzkoa Azpeitia, Elgoibar and Zumaia

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