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buber.net > Basque > Surname > V > Vizcaya (bizcaia)
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Vizcaya (bizcaia)


Found first in Bilbao in 1379. It is also found in Ranero (part of Arzentales, Vizcaya) and also en Pasajes, Guipuzcoa.

The meaning is derrived from the word Bizcay in conjunction with the article or suffix "a" which is a contraction of aga (indication of place). Bizcay is linked to the Basque ezkar (arce, a maple tree).

There are several coats of arms, I will describe the first one listed (but be prepared - it is a little gory): On a field of gold, a silver crescent moon upon a blue flag which doubles as a spear. On the tip of the spear is the head of a moorish sultan. The border has two wolves facing each other and four oak trees on a field of silver. In the border and extending out into the field of the crest is an arm (covered in armour) holding the aforementioned flag/spear.

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