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buber.net > Basque > Surname > X > Sapparrart (xaparrarte)
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Sapparrart (xaparrarte)

SAPPARRART (XAPARRARTE) The meaning of this surname is XAPAR: "Small Oak trees" or also " thicket or underbrush, and ART (ARTE) means: Between, so the meaning is "(the house) between thickets".

Variations of this surname: Chaparart,Chapart,Sabarte,Sparart, Sapararte, Saparrart, Saparrarta, Saparrat, Sapparart....but ther is not rated like you spell it with two P and two R.

There are Saparrart: in Benabarra: Buzunaritze 1816, Donapaule.

in Laburdi: Hendaia, anbd also in Gascogne:Pontonx/Adour

There are Sapparart: in Benabarra: Irulegi, Izura

There are Saparrart: in Benabarra: Donibane-Garazi

Jaime Kerexeta says that the origin is located in Ioldy (Benabarra), with a branche in Nabarra (South)

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