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buber.net > Basque > Surname > Z > Zatarain
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ZATARAIN There are houses or farms with this name in:

.- Aia ,Gipuzkoa, quarter Etxeta, house Zatarain, and House Zatarain berri (berri means new)

.- Urnieta, Gipuzk. (quarter Oztaran), house Zatarain etxeberri (new house zatarain)

.- Usurbil ,Gip (quarter Txikierdi),house Zatarain etxeberri (new house zatarain)

Is clear that the original house is the first of AIA, because the others have in their name the word BERRI (new)

Diego Zatarain lived in Asteasu in 1562. Gabriel Zatarain lived in San Sebastian in 1723. Jose Antonio Zatarain in Usurbil in 1796. Fernando Zatarain in Andoain in 1833. There was a family in Bilbao in 1817.

Coat of arms: En oro, una torre dos veces donjonada y cubierta, siniestrada de un arbol de sinople

Meaning: there are various possibilities, but the one I think is more probable is: Place of thicket,or underbrush


The Spanish surname Zatarain is ultimately of Basque local origin. Locative surnames are those which derive their origin from a geographical or man-made feature near which the initial bearer lived or held land. In this instance, the surname Zatarain derives from a Basque word which leterally means "over the vantage point (view)" or "place where the elder grew in abundance". Therefore, the first bearer of the surname Zatarain was someone whose house and land were located over a conspicuous vantage point or in a place where the elder plants were abundant". (Note: I knew a man in Albuquerque,NM who told me it meant mugwort, like the plant.) Basque surnames originated as habitation names (locative), referring to individual farmhouses, but it is now seldom possible to identify these, and the more common surnames must have had multiple origins.

Zatarian is the surname of a noble family whose ancestral seat was located in the province of Guipuzcoa (Basque Country). One Martin de Zatarain proved his nobility in the town of Asteasu in 1562. Another descendant of the same name was confirmed in his nobility in 1716. Gabriel de Zatarian did the same in the city of San Sebastian in 1723, as well as Jose Antonio de Zatarain who presented the documents proving his noble status in Ursurbil in 1796. Another member of this family confirmed his nobility in the city of Segura in 1833.

The following coat of arms was granted to a Spanish family named Zatarain and is listed in the "Repertorio de Blazones de la Comunidad Hispanica". Blazon of Arms: Or; a tower of six turrets, places three and three proper at its sinister, a tree vert. Translation: Or, yellow or gold symbolizes the Sun and denotes Honor, Generousity, Nobility and Pride; Vert or green, the planet Mercury, Hope and Joy. Crest: A ducal coronet or. Origin: Spain

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