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buber.net > Basque > Surname > Z > Zendegi
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ZENDEGI As you say, your surname can be wrote in both forms, but is more correct with Z, and without U.....ZENDEGI, that is following the modern basque ortographic rules.

The origin of this surname is a house with this name, located in the valey of Zuia, in the north part of Araba, a branche of this family passed to Orozko in Bizkaia in 1676.

Proves of Nobility: In Bizkaia in 1676 and 1794, in Valladolid in 1786. There was a Zendegi, knight of Carlos III in 1814

Meaning: Most authors think that Zenda came from the lathin word Senda that means pathway, and TEGI or EGI is a sufix that means place, so the meaning can be: (The house in) The Pathway

Coat of Arms: Partido: 1=BA en azur una torre de plata, aclarada de gules, 2= =BA en plata tres flores de lis de azur, una sobre otra. Bordura general de oro con ocho aspas de gules.

NOTE: Aclarada means here, with the door and the windows in red colour

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