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buber.net > Basque > Surname > Z > Zengotitabengoa
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ZENGOTITABENGOA In the Village of Mallabia, in the east of Bizkaia near the Border with Gipuzkoa, and in the quarter of Osma, there are a group of houses named: Zengotita, Zengotita beitia, Zengotita bengoa, Zengotita goitia, and Zengotita Molino (Mill)., ZENGOTITABENGOA, means the Down (house) Zengotita, BENGOA means, the one of Down, and ZENGOTITA is very difficult to know what means, the only translation that I have found is "Gamonal" I dont know the translation of this spanish word, but is place with a plant named "asphodelus microcarpus,asphodelus albus,asphodeline lutea, etc etc) these are the lathin names of these plants, in any case I do not think is very sure this translation

there were branches of this family in Elorrio (Bizkaia), since 1634 (they proved their nobility there.

Juan Zengotitabengoa was knight of Carlos III, knight of San Hermenegildo, and Comendador de Isabel la Catolica, his brother Francisco was knight of San Fernando

Coat of arms: the coat of arms is one of the most complicated that I have seen, if you want I can give you a description

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