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buber.net > Basque > Surname > Z > Zozaia (zozaya)
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Zozaia (zozaya)

ZOZAIA (zozaya) In Irantzu-Irun (gipuzkoa) and in Nabarra Knight of Santiago in 1693, and 1708, Knight of Calatrava in 1699. A descendant of the house Zozaya of Irun, lived in San Sebastian in 1566.

Meaning: is dificult to know in this case, probably means Place with trees

Escudo: En sinople un lobo de plata. Bordura de gules, cargada de ocho roeles de oro. OTROS: en plata, tres fajas de gules. OTROS: en oro, un escuson ajedrezado de azur y plata.

There are few people with this surname, I think that probably there aren't Zozaias in the Basque Country today

Ines Zozaya-Geist sends the following comment:

My father was a Zozaya that lived in U.S. from 1955-1997 (passed away this June). Several of his siblings are still alive and living in Pamplona, Navarra-Espana (Felix, Lorenzo, Antonio, Julianna, Romalda Zozaya). Unfortunately I don't have more information other than my Father's family lived in Arizu, (Aritzu) Spain (Navarra). So, don't know if you need this information, but thought I'd share it.

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