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buber.net > Basque > Surname > Z > Zuniga
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ZUNIGA As you say the origin of the surname is located in Zuniga (Nabarra), and is documented thid surname since 1356, and as you say the old name of this Town was Estuniga (I suposse you know that Zuniga is with n~, egne)

There were branches in Castila and Chili, one Branche were Linked with the Manso Family and gives de surname Manso de Zuniga, other branche generated the surname Ortiz de Zuniga.

In the Battle of "Navas de Tolosa" participated a man called Inigo Estuniga, or Stuniga, or Zuniga (there exist the three versions). Alonso Ortiz de Zuniga was Regidor (like Mayor) of the city of Santiago (Chili).

Coat of Arms: En Plata una banda de sable, Bordura de Gules con una cadena de oro de ocho eslabones

Meaning: the final element of the surname is AGA that means place, the other element is almost imposible to know, the first element can be ISTUN or ISTUIN, with the meaning of Channel, or Aqueduct

The surname Estuniga is documented in Nabarra in the XIV century, and ESTNIGA (with n~) in the XV.

There are other theories about the mening, but I think that is more credible

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