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Pedro J. Oiarzabal and Guillermo Tabernilla are the principal investigators of the research project “Fighting Basques: Basque Memory of the Second World War” of the Sancho de Beurko Elkartea, in collaboration with the North American Basque Organizations (NABO). These articles derive from the “Fighting Basques” project. These are all translated from the original Spanish by Blas Uberuaga, with the aid of Google Translate.

  • The first anniversary of the Texas Resolution and the future National Basque World War II Veterans Memorial
  • The National Basque WWII Veterans Memorial
  • Fighting Basques: Honoring our Basque World War II Veterans Who Fell in the Pacific
  • Three Years of Fighting Basques
  • Fighting Basques: The Seven Basques of the Alamo of the Pacific. The Battle of Wake, 1941 (Part II of II)
  • Fighting Basques: The Seven Basques of the Alamo of the Pacific. The Battle of Wake, 1941 (Part I of II)
  • Fighting Basques: Alfonso Garde Marcilla, Memoirs of a Prisoner of War in World War II
  • Resolution Honoring Basque WWII Veterans on the House Floor in Austin, TX
  • Fighting Basques: Alberto Arregui: From Chile to Normandy through Paris to the Heart of the Third Reich
  • Fighting Basques: Basque Women in the US Cadet Nurse Corps, 1943-1948
  • Fighting Basques: Joseph Etcheverry and Helene Santana, a Century of Basque Legacy on American Soil
  • Fighting Basques: Pete T. Cenarrusa, Love for All Things Basque
  • Fighting Basques: Three Basque-Navarrese families from California in World War II
  • Fighting Basques: Basque Participation in the Resistance and Liberation of the Philippines (1942-1945)
  • Fighting Basques: Basque-Americans in the Battle of the Philippines (1941-1942)
  • Fighting Basques: Basques in the US Merchant Marine in World War II
  • Fighting Basques: The Basques and Navarrese of the Other ‘D’ Day: Saipan and the Pacific Front
  • Fighting Basques: The other Basques of the Battle of Guadalcanal (1942): History Versus Myth
  • Fighting Basques: Basques in the Last Christmas of the War: The Battle of the Bulge
  • Fighting Basques: Félix and Julián Oleaga, Two Basque Brothers at the Front in Europe. From D-Day to Bastogne
  • Fighting Basques: Two German Deserters Among the Gudaris

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  1. Greetings.
    this is fantastic!!! I spend all day today at the annual mee meeting of Southwest Border Archivist Society–ran into former colleagues and friends. But the theme, of course is how to preserve archival and material and most importantly how to make it available to the public.
    what you did the pas 3 years is a monumental work that needs to be preserve for posterity and made available for new generations. so how are you going to make it available through your website, or contact other archives to make your work available to the public.?
    I was telling people today that I was in archivist heaven but it keeps on giving. Your email this evening blew my mind.
    Congratulations !

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