4 thoughts on “The mystery of the Basques”

  1. Beautiful video. The survival of the Eskaldunak and their resistance to fascist efforts to stamp out their culture and identity is inspiring. I just attended a presentation of Basque History with a moving performances of txistu and bertzolaritza and description of personal and family histories at a history museum in Redwood City, California.

  2. Nice report. I think it portrays quite well the essence of the Basque people and cultural identity. I admire all those who strive to strengthen our culture.

  3. Blas Eskerrik asko bideo politagattik,
    Xabier Agote is so right when he compares “bertsolariz” to magicians.

    I’d call our bertsolariak our shamans. We have lots of Basque Shamans 🙂


  4. And still resisting the imposition of spaniards at Basque Government, with a Lehendakari without any studies, without any experience in economy or at work (only political charges), and without any knowledge about Basque language, euskera.

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