Rick Steves takes you to the Basque Country

If you’ve never been to the Basque Country and are considering your first visit, you might have no idea of where to start your tour.  Or if you’ve been several times to see family, you might want to break out of the routine of visiting the family baserria and find something new.  Rick Steves, “America’s leading authority on European travel,” has a segment on the Basque Country which gives the standard overview of the Basque Country, but also gives a few glimpses into areas off the beaten path, even if he doesn’t stray from the main attractions of the Basque Countries. And, of course, he samples the local cuisine, giving some new things to try.  In particular, he delves into the pintxo bar-hopping scene, which any visitor to the Basque Country absolutely must experience. He also delves into some odd tangents, such as growing marijuana.  His tour takes him from Donostia to Gernika to Bilbao to Bainoa and finally to St-Jean-de-Luz.

The segment is available for free here on Hulu.

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