Basque Hotel in Paris

hotel-les-academies-et-des-arts-paris-6.jpgChloe Freslon, the online marketing director for Hotel des Academies et des Arts Paris, wrote to tell me about the Hotel. Why, do you ask? Well, the owners, Charlotte and her husband Laurent Inchauspe, are Basque and would love to welcome more Basques to Paris. The hotel, as the name implies, is focused on art and has been decorated by several French artists. The rooms look amazing.hotel-les-academies-et-des-arts-paris-4.jpg

Details about the hotel:
Hotel des Académies et des Arts
15 rue de la Grande Chaumière
75006 Paris – FRANCE
Tel. : +33 1 43 26 66 44
Contact : Laurent Inchauspé ou Henry Mona

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2 thoughts on “Basque Hotel in Paris”

  1. I know this is off the topic but I found this website by searching on Google for hotel marketing. How did you optimize your website to rank so high in the search engine results?

  2. I don’t do anything special, so I’m not sure why it ranked so high. The only thing I can guess is that the site is relatively old, from 1995 or so, and maybe that helps it move higher. Sorry I’m not of more help.

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