Txoria Txori by Joan Baez

Dafydd, frequent contributor and poster on the Forum posted this video in the Forum. It is a video of scenes from the Basque Country to the song Txoria Txori as sung by Joan Baez.

The lyrics, as reported on many sites, are:

Txoria Txori

Hegoak ebaki banizkio
Neria izango zen
Ez zuen aldegingo
Bainan, honela
Ez zen gehiago txoria izango
Eta nik…txoria nuen maite

The bird which is a bird

If i had cut the wings to her
She would have been mine
She would not be flees
She would not have been anymore a bird
And me…it’s the bird which i loved

7 thoughts on “Txoria Txori by Joan Baez”

  1. I prefer a less literal translation…..less clunky perhaps…

    The bird

    If I had cut its wings
    It would have been mine
    It would not have flown away
    But, it would have been a bird no longer
    And it was the bird that I loved

    That is — more or less — the one found in “Colloquial Basque”

  2. En las imágenes que aparecen, me ha parecido ver 2 panoramas de la cadena de los Alanos en Huesca. Euskalherría es más que montes y prados, Hecho de menos el mar, la Rioja alavesa ylas Bardenas

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