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  1. Bonjour à tous,
    Merci d’avoir mis le lien de mon site. J’habite Hendaye et ce la fait plaisir que mes vidéos du pays basque soient vues dans le monde et de surcroît aux états unis et au canada.
    Merci encore pour le lien et un grand bonjour d’ici du Pays Basque ou il neige !!!

    Hello all, Thank you d’ to have put the bond of my site. J’ live Hendaye and pleasure makes this it that my vidéos Basque Country is seen in the world and in addition in the United States and Canada. Thank you still for the bond and large hello a d’ here Pays Basque or it snows!!! You can have the translation of the English site, for that clickez on the flag in top on the left.

    1. Hi, I’m really curious about my basque last name. I was born in Mexico from mexican parents but it always caught my attention that in my home town city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, a city with close to three quarter of a million people, the only ones with this very peculiar last name are all related between ourselves and virtually nobody outside the family shares the last name. I know that the original last name was ITURRIOZ and not ITURRIOS, but I understand that over time names tend to be modified a little. My question is where did it originated and how ended up in that area? I remenber asking my father about its origins but he could never explain where it came from.
      I now reside in the United States, actually, I’ve been here for the last 22 years and never once have I come across anybody with the same last name, and beleive me, I’ve traveled a lot because for 15 years I had the opportunity to be a truck driver and you get know a lot of people and travel to a lot of places.
      Hope somebody had some info out there.
      Thank you
      Oscar H. Iturrios

  2. There are only a few in Vizcaya:
    Iturrios, Anasagasti, Daniel H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1889-07-21 Bermeo-Bermeo La Asunción de Nuestra Señora
    Iturrios Urisar, Larrabeitia y Sabalgoitia, Dominga M BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1720-08-01 Lemoa-Lemoa Santa María
    Iturrioz, Aguinagalde, Josefa Salomé M BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1893-03-19 Bilbao-Abando – Albia San Vicente Mártir
    Iturrioz, Aguinagalde, Martin Anselmo H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1896-04-26 Bilbao-Abando – Albia San Vicente Mártir
    Iturrioz, Iparraguirre, Sotero H BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1858-04-22 Bilbao-Casco Viejo San Antonio Abad
    Iturrioz, Isasigana, Polonia M BAUTISMOS-Registros originales 1647-02-10 Durango-Durango Santa María de Uribarri

    1. Yñigo

      Sorry this reply is about 2 years late.
      I completely lost track of the website and today just found it again by accident.

      I want to thank you for your kind reply to my mesaje. It really brings some light to my quest for the origens of my family tree.

      Oscar H. Iturrios

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