Basque ABC book?

On the way to work this morning, I heard a story on NPR about a woman of Puerto Rican heritage from north Philly that wrote an ABC book from her neighborhood’s perspective.  It got me thinking what would an ABC book from a Basque-American perspective look like?  Some of my thoughts are below, any others?

A is for Aitxitxa and Amuma, who left the Old Country to find a better life.

B is for Basajaun, lord of the forest, and the first blacksmith.

C is for Chorizo, the Basque hotdog!

8 thoughts on “Basque ABC book?”

    1. True, but if the book were Basque-American, maybe it would be Basque words/ideas in association with the English alphabet. Or maybe it’s better to use the Basque alphabet to expose kids to it. Just ideas at this point.

  1. Blas,
    It would very good to print the book along with a CD for learn how to say the letters and woulds correctly.

    1. Hey Mom, Right now, this is nothing more than just an idea, so no book will be coming soon. But, maybe if it takes off, who knows?

      1. You did it, with all the love and affection in your heart to the Basques, ABC is correct if we use the English vocabulary, but would be more attractive in the meaning in English, I mean:

        A – becouse in Basque, Amama Aitite & Means, Grandfather & Granmother, Who left the Old Country to find a Better Life here.

        B – is for Basajaun (Basa Jaun = Baso = forest = Lord), Lord of the forest of Basque Country, and the first blacksmith.

        C – is for Chorizo, the Basque hotdog (Is Not Better maybe Sausage, chorizo becouse isnot Exactly like your hot dog, no?), & Txintxibunduntxi They use to do with the Txorizo!

        Finally I decided to write in Erder in the google translator and translate them into English.

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