Euskoguide: A guide to the Basque Country

eusko_guide_logoPeople fall in love with a place for various reasons. For Jeremy, it started with his love for a Basque woman, who later became his wife. Visiting the Basque Country with her lead to a fascination with her homeland and, ultimately, a new website aimed at introducing the Basque Country to those who have not had the luck to discover it yet.

Euskoguide is, in the words of Jeremy, “a Basque Country travel guide website which covers all of Euskal Herria. My wife and I have travelled around collecting information and photos of the region. Our goal with the site was to create something that would really help people in not only planning their trip but also to convince others of how awesome it is and to go check it out for themselves.”

The website features some beautiful photos of the Basque Country and an introductory guide to the places and sites of the region. It also gives an introduction to the food and drink of the Basque Country, starting with pintxos and sagardotegis. The website is very nicely put together and promises a lot more in the future.

If you are interested in visiting the Basque Country, Euskoguide can serve as an introduction to some of the most popular and intriguing spots.

One thought on “Euskoguide: A guide to the Basque Country”

  1. Mr. Buber, i very much enjoy your website. I discovered it last year when doing my own informal research on Basque culture, something that doesn’t receive much coverage in Michigan/USA where I and my family reside.

    Since you are quite knowledgable, I thought I would ask you a question. Recently, on one of the several excellent ancestry admixture caluclators now available to analyze personal DNA results, I was astonished to learn to learn that I had a “relatively” high Basque result. Not particularly high for SW Europe, but definitely so for East/Central Europe which is from where my ancestors emigrated. Here is my question: the analysis was based using the Human Genome Diveristy Project (HGDP) Basque sample, simply known as “Basque”, but taken exclusively from French Basque people with informed consent, and not at all from Pais Vasco in Northern “Spain”. To your knowledge, were the “French” Basque endogamous only with other French Basque, or was there substantial mixing with those in Spain, since the Basque nation is a virtual entity? I guess I’m wondering how univeral or generic the Basque label can be for the HGDP sample. Any info you may have is appreciated. The Basque people and their culture are really captivating, so thanks for bringing some of it to us via the Web,

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