Boise Basque Soccer Friendly nearly here!

basque-soccer-friendly2-2The Boise Basque Soccer Friendly, the match between Athletic Bilbao and Club Tijuana, is nearly here! Originally scheduled for July 29, it was moved up to July 18 so Bilbao could participate in the qualifiers for the Europa League. The famous blue astroturf at Boise State’s stadium has been covered with lush green grass. In only 6 days, these two international soccer clubs will descend on Boise and provide a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle!

11692645_10206920567473328_956544328295467103_nIf you have questions about the match, the Idaho Statesman has provided a few answers. Check it out! And if you make it to the game, share your thoughts here!

Zorionak to all of the organizers! And a shout out to Argia Beristain for all of her hard work! (The photo here was shamelessly stolen from her.)

Also, a small dig: being a Vandal, I must say that the field looks better with that Bronco in the middle covered by grass 😉

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