Check out Alan King’s Website!

Alan King has been busy, posting some great Basque content on his website.

Laminak-Pont-with-caption-800x576-2He has added new stories to his Basque Story collection. The first, The Begging Siren, collects three different stories from Iparraldea, the Northern Basque Country, about the lamiak, mythological creatures that lured humans with their beauty. The second story, Kidnapped by the Basajaun, recounts a tale of a basajaun, or lord of the forrest, who first gains and then looses a wife. Alan has more stories on his site.

Alan is also the author of The Basque Language: A Practical Introduction. He has posted a PDF of an early draft of a different type of Basque language book, entitled “A Basque Course“, that was never actually published in the current form. It isn’t quite the “Practical Introduction” nor the “Colloquial Basque” that he has had published. Rather, it is something else, maybe with more technical linguistic content. Certainly worth checking out.

Alan regularly posts new articles with very interesting Basque content. He is certainly worth following.

2 thoughts on “Check out Alan King’s Website!”

  1. Alan King–very interesting web site! thanks. is it a hint that I should ask him to post an article about the cultivation and use of the Espelette pepper because I am too ignorant with computer to do it myself? Who is Alan King, Buber’s twin brother? I do not trust the Internet that much–I will pass.
    I remember the Laminak–when we were kids, when threats of the boogie man had no longer any effect on us, parents would bring in the Laminak because the Laminak could even read our thoughts and would not forgive, ever. Not like the Sunday confession–few mea culpa would wash away all trespasses–but not the Laminak.

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