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Buber’s Basque Story: Part 17

They continued up the path, making their way over rocks and a few times across the stream, slowly making their way up the mountain. “Zer arraio? What the hell?” exclaimed Kepa. Dark clouds had suddenly formed above them. “It was supposed to be clear all day today. Damn meteorologist!” “Hey now!” retorted Maite. “Do you […]

Buber’s Basque Story: Part 13

“What? Coming with me?” asked Maite. “Sure!” replied Kepa. “It’s only an interview, right? We can make it a vacation. I’ve got a cousin in California, so close to Berkeley…” “You do know how big California is, don’t you?” interrupted Maite. “Bah!” answered Kepa. “Once we are across the ocean, it’s all close. We can […]