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The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 175

Maite panted as she reached the apartment door. She wasn’t sure why, but the steps up to the apartment were always the hardest. She was always tempted to take the elevator but had yet to succumb to that temptation, pushing herself to climb the four flights of stairs up to their floor. She pushed open […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 174

Kepa lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Maite had gotten up early to go for a jog along La Concha. She had invited Kepa to join her, but he wasn’t really a jogger. He needed a competitive element to get him motivated to exert himself. A game of basketball with friends, that was great. […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 173

Sorry for the silence. I was on work travel and then I caught COVID just in time for the holiday. Feeling much better now and finally testing negative. Stay safe and healthy, everyone. “Well,” said Maite as she climbed back into the car, “that was a bust.” “What do you mean?” replied Kepa as he […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 172

“Kaixo!” said Ainhoa as she walked into the bar and sat down next to them.  “Zer nahi duzu?” asked Kepa as he waived over the waiter. “What would you like?” “Mil esker!” replied Ainhoa. She looked up at the waiter. “Cortado, mesedez.” The waiter nodded as he disappeared. Ainhoa turned back to Kepa and Maite, […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 171

It was a couple of weeks before Kepa and Maite found time to drive back to Bizkaia. They had bounced back and forth with Ainhoa about a time to meet but with classes starting for Maite and Ainhoa’s band gigs, it was hard to find a good time.  In some ways, Kepa relished the down […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 170

Maite was silent on the way home, as she sat in the passenger seat, flipping deliberately through the journal. Kepa assumed she was mentally scanning the pages for Garuna to analyze. He wondered if they were talking to each other, right now. Did they ever talk about him? What did Garuna think about him? Could […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 169

“What is it, then?” asked Kepa as Maite flipped the pages of the journal. “It must be some special language.” “Language? Those aren’t even letters.” “I think it’s a special witches’ code.” Maite paused. “Garuna, have you seen anything like this before?” “No,” rumbled the AI in her head. “I have never seen such scribblings.” […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 168

“So…” mused Maite as she absentmindedly wandered the ruins of the baserri. “If this baserri was like most, there was the foyer and off to the side a kitchen. The barn would have been opposite the main entrance. And above would have been the rooms.” Looking up, she saw nothing but blue sky. She imagined […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 167

The woods were dense with brush and limbs that protruded from the trees in every direction – it was clear no one had wandered back here in many years. Branches reached out and grabbed at their clothes and more than a few times scratched at their skin. Kepa was glad he had worn a hat […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 166

“What do you think we’ll find here?” asked Kepa as he pulled their car into a little carpark. When Maite had suggested they go to Marina’s ancesctral home in Lapurdi, he was into the idea as he was always ready to see something new, but he wasn’t sure what good it would do or how […]