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Buber Sarriak

It is nearly time for the next edition of the Buber Sarriak, honoring the best Basque related websites. This year, the ceremonies will be held in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao! Pretty exciting! To learn more, including what sites are up for the honors, visit the Buber Sarriak website.

Older Basque Texts Online

This is another nice resource. Google has, on their book archive, a number of texts related to the Basques. These tend to be older books that are out of copyright, which means you aren’t going to find Kurlansky’s The Basque History of the World, but you will find a number of gems. In particular, there […]

Basque Instant Messaging

From EuskoSare again.  If you are big into instant messaging and want to give your IMing a Basque flavor, EuskoSare has some graphics that are perfect for you.  Check out this site for a collection of graphics for both male and female identities.  The one at left most closely resembles me.  🙂

Basque Forum

A forum for Basques all over the world, Euskal Herria Aintzindari has news, a calendar of events, and, maybe most interestingly, a “Musika Txokoa” where you can listen to streams of various modern Basque music.  The site is entirely in Euskara, which may be a challenge for some of us, but may also force us […]