Slight redesign

I’ve made a slight redesign of the boxes on the right sidebar.  Nothing dramatic, just a subtle change.  The big differences are that the poll is a new format and the webnote list is gone.  I’m not sure anyone cared about the webnote list.  If removing that is something people care strongly about, let me know.  And I hope that the new poll is “new and improved”.

Changes to Buber’s Basque Page


In a change that I hope that both is relatively transparent but at the same time makes both administering and using this site that much better, I’ve made the front page of Buber’s Basque Page a blog, using WordPress.  I hope that this makes posting new items a bit easier for me, so I do it more often.  It will also allow visitors to post comments on the items I post, increasing the overall usefulness of the site.

I’m trying to make sure nothing is broken, but I’m sure there are things.  If you see anything broken, please let me know.

Eskerrik asko,